"For when I am gone the singing shall fade and silence will last long and long."
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Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.


photos by mohammad reza domiri ganji in iran of: (1) the dome of the seyyed mosque in isfahan; (2,8) the nasīr al mulk mosque, or pink mosque, in shiraz; (3,4) the vakil mosque in shiraz; (5) the ceiling of the fifth floor of ali qapu in isfahan; (6,10) the vakil bathhouse in shiraz; (7) the imam mosque in isfahan; (9) the jame mosque of yazd

It is not the length of life, but the depth.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson (via observando) —


Some iPhone 5 Disney & Van Gogh wallpapers! ♡  Please like/reblog if using, and please do not reupload/claim as your own! Thank you!



i dont understand why people like sleeping so much

its a free trial of death

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible’.

Benedict Cumberbatch (via teedotally)

Did you get that from a book?

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Everyone got that from a book.

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The History and Customs of High Tea

English high tea was considered the pinnacle of elegant and aristocratic dining but has now made a popular comeback into everyday modern life. We examine the origins of high tea and how you can avoid making a fool of yourself at tea time.



sweet dreams are made of bees, who am i to diss a bee, travel the world with the seven bees, everybodys looking for……….bees



Fake Movie Meme: Philadelphia Saints for Anon; a Tarantino action comedy about three people’s quest for revenge against the mob culture of 1930s Philadelphia.

A chance meeting at the local butcher shop becomes a mission for revenge when two Philadelphia women discover they have both recently lost their husbands in a territorial dispute between the Irish and Italian mafias. Unassuming housewife Polly White (Olga Kurylenko) and no-nonsense lounge singer Vera Duquesne (Jill Scott) team up to take down the man responsible: Jack Diamond (Daniel Day-Lewis), an Irish-American crime boss with delusions of sainthood and an obsession with the imagery of his Catholic upbringing.

Their struggle to navigate the criminal underworld is complicated when their first target—an accountant for the mob (Euell Tenenbaum, Christoph Waltz)—discovers their clumsy plot. But rather than rat out the pair to his employers, Euell becomes just the ally Duquesne and Polly need, providing guidance and funding in return for a little revenge of his own. The women’s journey is juxtaposed against the ongoing turf wars between Diamond and the ruthless yet hypochondriac leader of the Italian mob, Frank Costello (Christian Bale).

The story peaks during a showdown at St. Peter & Paul Basilica, where matters get tricky when Polly recognizes Diamond as her supposedly dead husband…and Euell’s long-lost daughter, Ella (Margot Robbie), is revealed to now live as Costello’s burlesque-dancing mistress.

Bloody, funny, and sometimes grotesque, Philadelphia Saints combines the slick artistry of a noir film with the humor of the twenty-first century.


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